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Hp Printer Support

How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error?

Did you ever encounter a situation where your HP Printer displayed paper jam error, but there was no paper jam? You must wonder why is this error getting displayed and how to resolve the issue? Sometimes, the users get false alarms, and the error gets reported even though there is no such issue. You clean […]

Brother printer

How to Fix “Unable to Print 35” Error on Brother Printer?

Brother Printers provide users with top quality and clear prints. They have been highly efficient in the services that they provide, and this is what has made them one of the most reliable printer manufacturers in the world. Brother printers are available in various models, which enables the users to choose the printers as per […]

HP laptop support

What to do When USB Ports Not Working on HP Laptop?

One of the major issue which the users of HP Laptops face are when the USB Ports on their devices are not functioning. This is a malfunction which several users come across while using HP Laptops. When you come across this issue, your laptop would not be able to recognize the hardware that is connected […]

Hp Printer Support

How to Scan a Document on an HP Printer?

HP Printer and Scanners are used by millions of customers all over the world. HP scanners have one of the fastest built-in Optical character recognition software that helps your scanner convert printed text documents into digital text in record time. There are different models of HP Printers that are built to meet the diverse needs […]

Hp Printer Support

Why is My HP Printer Print Blank Pages?

HP Printing issues can be quite frustrating especially if you have to do some work that requires urgent printouts. Even though HP is one of the top printers manufacturers in the world, it is not uncommon for users to occasionally encounter technical glitches that may halt their work. On the one hand, you can solve […]

Hp Printer Support

How to Reset an HP Color Cartridge?

Whenever you refill HP color ink cartridges, it is always necessary to rest the cartridges. There is a chip that every HP color cartridge contains which is essential for communicating with the printer. This chip indicates when the ink in the cartridge gets low. It is this chip that tells the printer that the ink […]

Hp Printer Support

HP Printer Won’t Print Black – How to Fix it

It can be quite frustrating when your HP Printer just decides that it will not print in black anymore. You find yourself facing a deadline at work and your printer just refuse to corporate with you. The situation is more urgent because the printer is a complex piece of computer hardware and people often get […]

HP Desktop support

What to Do When HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes?

HP personal computers are used in millions of homes and offices around the world. Considering the fact that we are so dependent on computers for our work it can be quite frustrating when the computer freezes or suddenly locks up for no apparent reason. The main issue with this type of problem is that it […]

HP laptop support

How to Fix HP Laptop Upgrade Error in Windows 10?

Technology is advancing more and more every day. With these advancements in technology, Microsoft is constantly introducing new updates for Windows so that users can enjoy better features and smoother system performance. Whenever you upgrade Windows 10 on your HP laptop there are certain system settings that are changed to accommodate the new features. These […]

Hp Printer Support

How to Solve HP Printer Issues after Windows 10 Upgrade

Normally when a device or software is upgraded customers hope that it will run more smoothly and will not create any errors. But the problem is that when a software, device or operating system is upgraded some of the settings may change to accommodate the new features. When this happens it can sometimes lead to […]

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