Why Does Brother Printer Keep Going Offline?

Why Does Brother Printer Keep Going Offline?
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Brother Printer is one of the excellent printing machines for many users to print documents, papers, images, etc. There are many guidelines still floating on the internet. But, the problem with the most troubleshooting guide will tell you about how to fix it. If you wish to fix it immediately, you must call Brother printer support to remove it quickly.

Why Does Brother Printer Go Offline?

It has become difficult for many people to understand the technical terms and steps explained in various guides. You must have the technical knowledge to resolve such issues because a technical issue occurs in the brother printer every time. Never feel regret going for Brother printer customer care if you can’t resolve it easily. Read out the blog carefully to understand how to fix this technical bug in your brother printer.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve Your Brother Printer Going Offline

If you have set up a brother printer appearing offline, and you can’t print with it, then you are required to set it online for further printing. There are some specific printer settings that you can try to adjust to fix the problem when it goes offline from time to time. Let’s focus on some troubleshooting tips that are mentioned below to remove this problem quickly.

Step 1 – Restart Your Printer

A long break can keep your printer from losing connection to the system with which it is connected, so restart it first. Restart the printer to follow the commands after starting from scratch. Some restarting steps are mentioned below.

  • Switch off your printer
  • Remove the power cord from the source
  • Disconnect the printer from the system if it is connected via USB
  • Remove all other devices connected to the printer
  • Switch on the system by turning on the power supply connected with the power cord
  • Attach the printer to the system.

Restarting the printer in most cases can set it online once again.

Step 2 – Set the Printer as Default

If you have added more than one printer to your system, in such a condition, your brother printer will get disconnected. You can keep your printer as default to services when it goes offline or while providing commands to other printers.

  • Move to Control Panel in your system
  • Press to access Devices and Printers window
  • Choose your Brother printer as default by checking the checkbox in front of it
  • Press to access settings and check if the pause option is chosen
  • Remove the pause by keypunching it.

Step 3 – Turn-off User Printer Offline Option

If you have recently made any changes to your system, then it can result in setting printer status known as ‘Use printer offline. Thus, your printer is displaying offline status, or your brother printer is going offline repeatedly. So, switch on your printer status to Online. Follow some steps to make your printer online once again.

  • Move to the Start Menu
  • Press on the Control Panel
  • Choose the printers and faxes options, A new window will display the status of currently installed and working printers.
  • Do a double-click on the brother printer icon
  • Deactivate the user’s printer offline option by double pressing on it.

Step 4 – Upgrade Printer Driver

Make sure that you are working on the current version of your printer driver because an old version may result in unexpected errors in your brother printer and hence, the brother printer goes offline.

Move to the official website of Brother Printer and check for an updated version. Select the printer driver upgrade version as per your operating system as Mac and Windows installed on your system. You can upgrade the driver printer version by going through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Do a right-click on your printer’s name
  • Press on properties
  • Now, press on the Drivers tab
  • Press on the Upgrade Driver button to start the process quickly.

Step 5 – Uninstall and Reinstall Driver

You must uninstall the printer driver installed on your system and install it again through the correct procedure. Confirm that the new version you installed is the updated version.

  • Choose Uninstall Driver option in the printer properties
  • Then install it by going to the brother printer’s official website and check if it is having the new and current version.


However, if you can’t fix the brother printer offline issue after trying all checks and still can’t print anything, then there are some technical problems and you need to contact some technical professionals who can fix this problem soon. To get instant solutions, you must call Brother Printer Customer Service number to remove it immediately without any hassle. The technical team is skilled, fully trained, and professional to handle every issue in Brother Printer. The technical care center is available all the time to assist and guide you with some accurate methods. Once you get connected with any technical expertise, you will get the right solution and guidance to fix it.

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