Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print 50′ Error Message

Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print 50′ Error Message
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Brother Printer is structured in such a way to print A4 and A3 sizes of paper to provide users with complete printing solutions. Users will get unique and remarkable printing features with Brother Printer. As you know that no technical equipment in the modern world is bug-free. When you are operating your brother printer, it stops suddenly, and you are looking depressed due to Error code 50 in Brother Printer. It is a common error and can be resolved quickly by enhancing some elimination measures. If you fail to do so, you must immediately contact Brother printer support to dispose of this problem.

Preventive Measures to Fix ‘Brother Printer Error Code 50’

The error 50 happens in Brother printer if you try to unplug it and then again plugin into the electric ports. The error code 50 ‘Unable to Print’ appears on your computer screen when any paper clip or ripped paper is stuck inside the printing machine. Another reason behind this error can be the print head. The print head includes cartridges inside it.

Move along with some troubleshooting methods that are given below

  • Take the backup of all faxes in another fax machine to prevent any data loss. It will help to save a lot of time, and faxes can be received back quickly after removing the ‘Unable to print’ error. The faxes might be saved in Printer memory in case it is stopped working right now.
  • Open the scanner on the upside and confirm the left and right sides and even the center to remove any paper scraps stuck under the print head
  • Open the scanner cover and turn around the machine in such a way as to see the back of the printer.
  • Remove the jam cover present on the backside of the machine.
  • Check out the foreign traces, if any, present on the printer. Dispose of all stuck papers and close the scanner cover
  • If Error 50 is not removed, remove the plug from the power source and plugin again after 5 minutes.
  • Remove all ink cartridges, move the printer up and down, and shake it to see any bit of paper pieces stuck in a printer.

To verify that error 50 is removed or not, do a ‘Print Quality Check’. If it is working and prints successfully, then the problem is disposed of in the Brother printer. If the problem is not eliminated, go to customer support to get the significant steps to fix this issue.

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