How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error?

How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error?
  Jul 13, 2019     Admin    Hp Printer Support 10 Min

Did you ever encounter a situation where your HP Printer displayed a paper jam error, but there was no paper jam? You must wonder why is this error getting displayed and how to resolve the issue? Sometimes, the users get false alarms, and the error gets reported even though there is no such issue. You clean the input tray and find that the printer still displays the same thing. Don’t worry as this blog has got you covered. Just get in touch with HP technical support number and clear all your doubts by talking to the expert techies. If you want to troubleshoot the error manually, then follow the steps that are shared below.

Different ways to resolve HP Printer paper jam but no paper jam error

Method 1- Clear the stuck and jammed paper from the input tray

  • First of all switch on the HP printer by pressing the power button
  • Disconnect the power cord from the backside of the printer
  • Pull out all the papers from the input tray
  • Peep inside the input tray by turning the printer sideways and remove any stuck objects
  • After that place, the printer to its normal position and then reconnect the power cord

Method 2- Clear the paper jam from the output tray

  • Switch off the printer and disconnect the power cord
  • From the output tray, pull all the jammed papers that are stuck
  • After that again put the papers in the input tray and try to print

Method 3- Clean paper feed rollers

  • Open the input tray bar to open it. Make sure that you do it when the printer is turned off, and the power cord is disconnected
  • Look for gray paper pick rollers and take a cloth to clean it properly and wipe the dust and dirt away
  • Dry them and then place them back in the printer

Method 4- Clean the printer roller

  • First of all clean the input tray by removing the papers
  • Click on the down arrow button to open Settings
  • After that again press the arrow to click on Tools
  • Then choose ‘Clean paper feed’ and hit Okay

Method 5-Reset the printer

  • Switch on the printer
  • Unplug the power cord from the backside
  • Take out the power cord from the main outlet
  • Plug the cord back again to both ends
  • Switch on the printer

By following these solutions, you can fix the issue. If it persists, then why wait? Have a word with the certified techies at HP Customer care and avail guaranteed solutions.

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