How to Install Brother Printer Without Installation Disk?

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Printers are the most crucial device of recent days’ work culture. If you talk about schools, colleges, or office projects, printers are so essential. There are several companies available in the digital market which manufacture high-quality and advanced printers for their users. But Brother Company is one of the leading manufacturers of printers to serve market demands. New technology, clear printing, and simple service are some of the excellent features of brother printers. Whenever you purchase an unknown printer, an installation manual and CD come along it.

If you have lost the installation disk, a question comes into your mind about installing the brother printer without the installation disk. In this blog, you will get the features and procedures for establishing a printer without a CD. For a quick solution, you must dial the Brother Printer support number to install it successfully.

What Are the Alternate Procedures for Installing Brother Printer Without Installation Disk?

There are various versions for the installation of Brother Printer without an installation disk. It depends upon your requirement how you want to install your printer. For without installation disk, you require a USB cable, wireless connection, and supporting software. Here, you will look at three procedures for installing a Brother printer without an installation disk.

Brother Printer Installation with USB Cable

Here, you require a USB cable that supports your system and printer. This cable comes with your printer, and if you don’t have it, buy a new thread and go through the given below steps.

  • Plug-in the printer and start it
  • Now, connect the USB cable in the USB column of your computer and printer
  • Move to Start button and press it on your computer
  • Now press on your devices and printers
  • There is an option given on the top, “Add a printer.”
  • Now press on Search and navigate your printer
  • Now your printer’s name appears, and instructions are given to connect it. After following the process, the printer is ready to use.

Install Brother Printer with Online Software

You require internet access for your printer installation. You can access your Brother printer after installing printer supporting software online. Few steps are given below to download and install the printer software.

  • Turn on your computer and access your browser
  • Mention the Brother printer in the search box
  • When you visit your printer in the search box, then press download on the supporting software
  • When download links come, please install it
  • After installation is completed, press on the set-up files and go-ahead for installation
  • It took a little time, then wait for it.

Now, make sure that your printer is installed and ready to use. There are several ways to install Brother printers without installation disk and checked by the experts.


After following the above instructions, if you can’t install the Brother printer without an installation disk, you must call the Brother Printer customer service number to download it quickly. A technical executive will assist you in establishing your printer without a CD. The technical help desk is available round the clock to help you in solving printer issues.

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