How to Install HP Printer Without the Installation Disk?

How to Install HP Printer Without the Installation Disk?
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HP is a leading brand in the printer. It offers multiple options to connect to a computer with different configurations. Still, if the user faces any technical issue, they can freely contact the HP support number for all assistance types.

Solution 1

Connect using a USB cable on windows

Step 1- plug the USB cable of the printer into your computer

The cable should be properly attached to the port of the computer and printer

Step 2-Turn on the printer

Switch on the printer buttons wait for a while when the printer is starting

Step 3-Open start click the bottom left button of Windows to start the open menu

Step 4-Search printer and scanner into start to enter in printer and scanner section of your computer

Step 5-Now to use the printer and scanner option from the Start Window

Step 6-Select your printer name to start the printers installation window

If you cannot see your printer, then click on the opportunity. The printer that you want isn’t listed, then select search and follow the steps prompts

Follow all onscreen installation steps. Different printers can have a separate installation process

After completing the installation process, your printer will work.

Solution 2

Connect using a USB cable on Mac

Step 1-Check for compatible printers with Mac OS since Mac OS does not support all printers

Step 2-Place your printer near to your computer for easy attachment of USB to connect your printer to your Mac for direct data transfer

Step 3-Use a USB adaptor if required for maximum efficiency

Step 4-Now plug the USB cable into your computer

Step 5-Now turn on the computer by pressing the power button

Step 6-Click on the install button when you see your printer name also allows for an update if required

Follow the pop-up steps to install the latest software and driver to complete the process

Completing the process will enable you to use your printer.

Solution 3

Downloading software

Step 1-Read your printer’s manual carefully. Search for the software download section and check the requirements

Step 2-Followed by the previous step, now go to printers manufactures site

Step 3– Now, each website has a different interface, so navigate carefully through the website and click on the n printer tab.

Step 4– Next step is to search for your printer’s model from the search bar, or you can scroll download and search from the available printer’s model

Step 5-Now search for a software download link according to your printer model. Users can also see at the bottom of the website as many places in minimal text in the bottom.

Step 6-After the completion of the search, click on the download link, after which downloading will start processing

Step 7-Now wait until your printer software download and then select save location very carefully.

Step 8-By double-click on the downloaded software, unzip the software, and extract it to get installed in your computer to work well.

Step 9-Now on windows computer, open and unzip the folder by double-clicking on the EXE file. Mac users handset up differently to set up the file and finally run it and verify the software before running it.

Step 10-Follow onscreen steps by double click and complete the installation.

Step 11-Now the final is connected to the printer by USB cable or via WiFi. now you can access your printer smoothly This blog reads all possible methods to connect the printer to the computer with different configurations but cannot perform any step in users’ case. They can call at HP customer service number for the best assistance.

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