How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error?

How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error?
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Nowadays, many people are complaining about HP laptop black screen error. The laptop screen is black even you did nothing to the device. Some users are telling that the HP laptop screen turns black even after the update.

Why Does HP Laptop Screen Turn Black?

I have encountered a black laptop screen after upgrading it to Windows 10. When I tried to log in to my Windows 10 with my Password, it turns into a black screen. I can see only the mouse. What should I do?

Whenever you have faced a black screen or another issue, you can try other steps below to troubleshoot the problem. You will get a complete guide to troubleshoot HP laptop black screen in Windows 10. The best way to resolve it calling HP Laptop support to fix it instantly.

How to Troubleshoot HP Laptop Black Screen After Startup, With No Access to login?

Some troubleshooting steps are mentioned below to fix the laptop screen after startup with no access to sign in.

Recover from BIOS

Ensure that the laptop is plugged into the wall outlet before starting it.

  • Click the Start button to switch off the laptop
  • Click Windows + B keys and keep pressing the power button for one second and then release them
  • The power LED light will be kept on, and the screen will remain black for 40 seconds

If the HP BIOS update screen shows, then wait to complete the procedure. After this process, restart the System, and the black screen problem will get resolved soon.

Reseat the Memory Modules

  • Remove the power adaptor and the power source. Press the power button to switch off the laptop
  • Please take out the access panel and keep it aside
  • Take out the two securing latches to release the module
  • Slide the module out and remove it from the computer. Never touch the metal contact while handling the module
  • Keep the module in the bottom slot and slide it into the right place. Could you take out the module to lock it again? Repeat the procedure to install two modules back to the right place
  • Reinstall the access panel. Reconnect the power source to the laptop and a wall outlet.
  • Click the power button to turn on the laptop.

If the screen is shown correctly, the problem is fixed now.

Boot HP Laptop to the Secured Mode

In such a case, you will require Windows 10 installation media. On a working system, download and burn the installation media to the USB or Drive.

  • Connect the media to the error laptop, switch it off and boot from the installation media.
  • When prompted, choose to Repair this computer option
  • Choose a screen with continuing to Windows 10 screen option, switch off the System and troubleshoot the System
  • Move to Troubleshoot System, then Advanced Options, then Startup Settings and then Restart
  • Click F5 or scroll to safe mode with networking and click Enter to go Safe Mode.

How to Troubleshoot HP Laptop Screen After login with the Password?

There are several causes behind the laptop and system black screen. Multiple solutions are listed below to fix it. If you can log in with your Password, follow the troubleshooting solutions one by one to fix it on your laptop.

  1. Resume Your Laptop
  2. Switch off the HP laptop that displays a black screen after log in
  3. Remove all power suppliers, the power cable, the battery, and external storage devices
  4. Switch off the computer and wait for 1-3 minutes
  5. Reconnect the laptop with battery, power cable and resume the laptop
  6. Log in to your computer with a Password, see if the problem is resolved.
  7. Resume the Explore.exe procedure

When the explorer.exe procedure is not working correctly or closed, the HP laptop will display a black screen. After switching off and turning it on, the problem can be resolved quickly.

  • Click Ctrl+Alt+Del to access the Task Manager
  • Move to the Detail tab, scroll down and locate explore.exe
  • Choose it and press End task
  • Restart the laptop to see if the black screen error is resolved
  • If you can’t look the explorer.exe in the Task Manager, carry on the procedure
  • Press on File in the Task Manager, choose Run a New Task
  • Type the explorer.exe and press the Enter button. Check if the problem is resolved after running and resuming your laptop.
  • Upgrade the Graphics Driver

When the Graphics or chipset drivers are upgraded, manually upgrade these drivers to resolve the graphics drivers.

  • Click the Windows X keys, choose Device Manager
  • Move to Display Adapters, do a right-click on the Graphics of your System, and choose Properties.
  • Choose the Upgrade Driver on the properties screen
  • Choose “Search automatically for upgraded driver software”.

Wait for the procedure to complete and restart the process. Then, examine if the problem has been resolved. If not, never worry; continue with the following procedure. If you can’t fix this error, you must call HP customer service number to fix it immediately.

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