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With the introduction of laptops in the market, a new wave has been ushered. People have become more technical friendly now and the ratio of individuals owning and using a technical device has increased two folds. When the computers were introduced, it was a device which was glued to a place and one couldn’t move here and there with that. One had to sit in one place and use the computer. But, when the laptops were introduced, life became more fun and relaxing. The individuals could now take their laptops to any place and work comfortably on it. The device also came to be known as Personal Computers or PC. With this breakthrough in technology, it would be so much disheartening, if one would not talk about HP laptops. There are laptops for personal use, for gaming purposes, etc. The HP laptops give you all the value for money. If you haven’t purchased the laptop now and is thinking of doing so, then you must immediately get in touch with HP laptop customer support and have a word with the techies.

What makes the HP laptop different from others?

Everything has its own unique specifications and features that make it different from others, and so does the HP laptops. There are some unique features that bound to make the HP laptop different from another line of the same products available in the market and thus pushing the people forward to purchase it more as compared to others. Some of the hallmark traits that make it unique have been listed below:

  1. Enable with style and craftsmanship
  2. High-speed performance
  3. Provides you with an awesome experience
  4. Giving fingerprint security features.
  5. Long battery life expandable up to 16 hours
  6. Giving you the opportunity to log in with the help of fingerprint reader or IR camera
  7. An awesome feature of inking the thought process into the screen with the help of Windows Ink.
  8. Different laptops available for business and home purposes.
  9. Enabling you to use the touchscreen features
  10. Vivid display screen
  11. C-type port

These are just some of the features that make the HP laptops stand apart from others. If you are fascinated by these traits and are interested in knowing more about them, then you must talk to the technical experts at HP laptop customer care and make the best use of their advice.

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What are some of the shortcomings with HP laptop?


Everything cannot be as smooth as it appears to be. When it comes to any technical devices, there are bound to be some errors associated with it, even though quite small. Some of the disruptions can be solved at the individual’s level but some definitely require technical assistance. There are some of the shortcomings that can be associated with the HP laptop, and a few of them are listed below:

  1. Constant shutdowns and power related issues
  2. Motherboard failure
  3. The screen won’t turn on
  4. The display screen turning black
  5. The laptop is not able to detect the external peripherals attached to it
  6. The device has gone into a long sleep mode and won’t start.
  7. The Keyboard and the mouse is not accepting the commands
  8. Not able to login into Windows
  9. No sound coming from the speakers.
  10. HP Laptop not Connecting to WiFi.
  11. HP Laptop not booting from usb.
  12. Overheating Issues with HP Laptop.

How to Resolve Some Common HP Laptop Errors?

You can try implementing the given steps provided below to rectify the issue when your HP laptop fails to startup or doesn’t boot properly:

  • Remove all the external items that have been connected to your HP laptop and remove all the SD cards, USB cables, etc.
  • Remove the battery, disconnect all the power cords and drain all the remaining battery by long pressing the power key for about 15 seconds or so.
  • After that, insert the battery, connect the power cable and switch on the laptop.

If the laptop turns on properly, then the troubleshooting steps have been employed successfully. But if even after a hard reset, the device fails to start, then you must immediately get in touch with the HP laptop customer care support to avail technical assistance.

If you are not able to login into Windows, it could be due to some of the specific reasons. Just make sure to apply all of these or whatever is required to rectify the error:

  • Entering the correct username and password
  • Disable the firewall protection
  • Ensure you are connected to the net connection
  • Try to log in from any other device
  • Scan your laptop for viruses and malware
  • Sometimes, you can also resort to the option of ‘system restore’ if nothing works.
  • Reinstall the Windows Operating system in your device and reset it.

Execute the given procedure to resolve the significant error:

  • Disconnect all the devices that have been connected to the laptop including pen drives, smartphones, printers, SD cards, etc. Also, take out any CD if inserted.
  • Scan your system for any kind of possible threats.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select the option of task manager. End all the tasks that have been running in the background
  • Shut down the laptop and restart it again
  • Go to the control panel and uninstall the program which is causing this error.

There can be more errors and glitches that can be associated with the laptop. To get an idea about the basic troubleshooting steps for different errors, whenever you encounter them, you can get in touch with the HP laptop technical support and get the expert advice from the techies.

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How HP Laptop Support can be the best option?

Looking for customer satisfaction, 24 hours friendly support, optimized and efficient solutions, the ability to annihilate the trouble from the core and getting all the issues resolved when it comes to your laptop? Then you can take the best and the most effective advice from the technical experts at HP laptop support number.

HP Laptop Support Number
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