How to Fix HP Printer not Printing Color?

How to Fix HP Printer not Printing Color?
  May 13, 2021     Admin    Hp Printer Support 10 Min

HP takes pride in manufacturing high-quality printers that are durable and last for many years. HP also comes with a generous warranty and works well with the replacement of ink. Yet nothing is free from technical glitches, and sometimes users face a common problem that their HP printer is not responding well. We understand that this is a bit of an irritating problem when the HP printer is not printing colors.

As the printer is designed to give the Impressions of beautiful and attractive pictures and if it says that it would be of no use at that time. But here in this blog, we will focus on the reasons and the solution of HP printer not printing issue. If you still face the problem, connect to HP printer customer service and get your issues resolved by experts.

Let’s discuss three significant issues why HP printer is not printing colors

  • Deficit amount of cartridge: It might be possible that it is falling short or falling off the ink. And it is a bit obvious that a sufficient amount of cartridge will cause problems while printing.
  • Clogged printhead: There is a probability that the printer hand is not working the entire Storm appropriately. It is advisable to clean the cloud printer head regularly to avoid smooth printing by an HP printer.
  • Disabled color printing: Sometimes, we are focusing on other areas, but the solution is just under our click. While updating the printer, we often forget to enable the color printing command, which leads to printing problems.

Ways to troubleshoot the HP printer not printing error

  1.  Regular replacement or fresh instalment of the printhead

The clogged printhead is a significant issue associated with such problems. The printhead is an essential component as it is the part that spreads ink on paper to create the print. To fix such a problem, you must regularly change or clean the printhead.

Steps to clean the printhead:

Step1: Click the start button and locate “control panel”, and click on “Driver and Printer”.

Step2:  Right-click on the printing system icon and select properties.

Step3: Now select the “Hardware” option and click on the “Clean In” button

Step4: Now follow the onscreen instructions to complete the procedure.

After that, check whether the printing problem has vanished or not.

2. Enable the color printing command

Users are advised to check the printer control commands as this can lead to the Swift and smooth flow of the printer while printing colour pages. Now let’s discuss simple steps to perform this task.

Step1: From the “start” option, click on “settings.”

Step2: From the “menu” option, click on “printer” followed by selecting the “properties” option

Step3: Now, from the” printing preferences”, Click on the “paper quality” Tab and then select “colour.”

Step4: Lastly, hit the “Ok”  button and exit from the page.

Step5: Finally, cross-check the function by taking out a printout.

Still, you cannot resolve the issue, and then it is advised to run the Diagnostic tool to check the problem. We tried our best to write solutions and the causes of HP printer, not printing problem but if you face any technical error. In that situation, you can contact HP customer support, where certified and highly experienced experts are ready to help instantly. Users can access our customer service all across the world.

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