HP Printer Won’t Print Black – How to Fix it

HP Printer Won’t Print Black – How to Fix it
  Mar 14, 2019     Admin    Hp Printer Support 10 Min

It can be quite frustrating when your HP Printer just decides that it will not print in black anymore. You find yourself facing a deadline at work and your printer just refuses to corporate with you. The situation is more urgent because the printer is a complex piece of computer hardware and people often get nervous when it comes to fixing it because they do not seem to understand how to troubleshoot the printer when it does not take any black printouts. Normally the first thing you may is to call the HP printer technical support number and seek help from an expert. Alternatively, you may also try to look up the solution to the HP Printer error using Google, which probably how you came across this article in the first place. Well, you are in luck, this article will not only give you a brief insight into why your HP Printer Won’t Print Black but also give you some simple suggestions you can try to troubleshoot the problem yourself.

Steps to follow when your HP Printer Won’t Print Black

In most cases, it is never just one reason that causes this problem but rather a combination of factors. However, you can use the suggestions given below to see if you can solve the issue and resume your printing tasks:

Basic HP Printer Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Save all your data and turn off your HP Printer. Remove the cable from the HP power source and take out the USB cable from the printer.

Step 2: Go to the HP Printer display screen and print a Quality Diagnostic Report to help you detect print quality problems.

Step 3: You should also remember to check the printer ink levels and the ink volume in your cartridges to make sure it meets the required standards.

Check the HP Printer Ink Cartridge

Step 1: Remove and replace any ink cartridge if the ink is less or empty
Step 2: Refer to the HP manual to check if the ink cartridges are properly installed
Step 3: Carefully take out the tape over the vent of the recently installed cartridge
Step 4: Ensure the vents of the cartridges are not clogged.
Step 5: If there is a clog use a pin to clean up the vents
Step 6: If this does not work you can use a different ink cartridge to see your HP Printer is able to recognize it.

Check Print Head
If your HP Printer does not print black even after you have replaced it with new ink cartridges you should refer to the user manual and follow the instructions to check the printheads. If required you should replace the printheads as well.

If the solutions are given in this article do not resolve the issues and your HP Printer still does not print in black the best thing would be to call the HP printer support number and ask for additional technical assistance to fix the problem.

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