What to Do When HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes?

What to Do When HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes?
  Feb 28, 2019     Admin    HP Desktop support 10 Min

HP personal computers are used in millions of homes and offices around the world. Considering the fact that we are so dependent on computers for our work it can be quite frustrating when the computer freezes or suddenly locks up for no apparent reason. The main issue with this type of problem is that it could be caused by a minor glitch in the system such as less free space or it could be because of a serious error with the software. Fortunately whenever you notice that your computer freezes you can call the HP support phone number and speak to a trained expert on how to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

You can also glance through this article to gain a better understanding of what happens when the PC locks up or freezes, including what you can do to resolve the error.

Symptoms of the Problem
Here are some of the issues you may face when your HP computer randomly freezes or locks up without warning:

  • Your system will stop responding to the mouse pointer
  • You will not be able to use your keyboard
  • The Windows display will be stuck on the same screen
  • The mouse cursor will always appear in the busy mode

Steps to follow when HP PCs Lock Up or Freezes

Restart Your HP Computer: When your computer freezes you will not be able to run any of the programs or tools making it virtually impossible to troubleshoot the error. That is why whenever your HP PC freezes the first thing you need to do is to restart your computer. Just press the main power button on the CPU and wait for the system to power down. After some time you can switch the computer on again to check if it is still unresponsive.

Anti-Virus Software: Another reason why your PC may freeze is that it is infected with a virus or malware. You should routinely scan your computer to make sure there is no malicious software that could harm your PC.

Disk Cleanup: If there are too many temporary files stored on your system then it could adversely affect the running of your HP computer. You should run the Disk Cleanup application to remove any temporary files and clear the system cache so as to speed up the system performance. The cleanup tool will normally run for about an hour or so depending on the files in your system.

Format the Hard Drive: The Hard Drive I the main storage unit in your computer. When you format your hard drive all the files, programs and multimedia data are deleted. This allows you to start from scratch so that you can download and install the latest versions of the software.

The steps mentioned in this are general and can be applied to all HP PCs. If you are looking for a more detailed solution to the freeze problem you can call the HP desktop support number which is available 24 hours a day. A team of expert will be happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can get your PC up and running again.

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