Why is My HP Printer Print Blank Pages?

Why is My HP Printer Print Blank Pages?
  Apr 12, 2019     Admin    Hp Printer Support 10 Min

HP Printing issues can be quite frustrating especially if you have to do some work that requires urgent printouts. Even though HP is one of the top printer manufacturers in the world, it is not uncommon for users to occasionally encounter technical glitches that may halt their work. On the one hand, you can solve any error related to HP Printers by calling the HP printer tech support number and speaking to a certified technician. But on the other hand, it always helps to know some basic troubleshooting steps you can implement on your own in order to fix the problem. This article discusses one of the most common errors in HP Printer i.e. your HP Printer is only printing blank pages.

Causes of your HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

When trying to fix an error in your HP Printer it is important to try and identify the cause of the error so that you can implement the correct solution. Here’s a look at the main causes behind your printer suddenly printing blank pages:

  • Problem with the Breather Tape: The shipping tape, or breather tape as it is more commonly known, must be removed before you install the cartridge. If you do not remove the tape the ink remains sealed because of the vacuum in the cartridge and will not come out.
  • Cartridges Run Dry: If you continue to use the printer even after the ink is low it is possible that air will enter the print nozzle and block the nozzle. This will dry up the ink and you will simply get lines or blank pages whenever you try and print a document on your HP Printer.
  • Low-quality ink cartridges: Sometimes the consistency and viscosity of the ink in cartridges made by other companies are quite different from HP ink cartridges. This will cause printing errors since the printer ink needs to run at the correct rate so as not to condense or dry too quickly.

Steps to fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

  • Print regularly: Using your HP Printer regularly ensures that the ink flows smoothly through the printhead and prevents blockages in the nozzle.
  • Use official HP ink cartridges: Only high-quality generic HP ink cartridges have the right viscosity that will not allow the ink to block or choke the print nozzles. You can check the HP website to see what type of cartridge fits your printer.
  • Keep your Printer cool: As far as possible you should avoid keeping your printer near the window or any warm place as this could cause the ink to coagulate inside the printhead when your HP printer is idle. Keep your HP Printer away from direct sunlight and cover it when you are not using it.

If you find that the printer keeps printing blank pages even after you have implemented the suggestions mentioned above you can call the HP printer support number and consult a trained HP expert to see if you can implement more advanced troubleshooting steps.

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